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Catholic Wedding Invitations

Religious wedding invitations somehow seem to infuse the day with something extra special. Whether it’s traditional Catholic wedding invitations or modern wedding invitations with a Catholic spin, your Paperlust invites can be at home in a cathedral, a tiny chapel or a modern concept garden. You may want your Catholic wedding invitations to include certain imagery or symbolism - the good thing about shopping for wedding invitations online is that you can customise the design as much as you like. Use our interactive online design tool to change wording, sizing and add images.

Searching for the right wording for Catholic wedding invitations? Checkout our wedding invitations wording page for ideas on levels of formality and different ways to approach the language on your invite. Catholic wedding invitations wording usually tends to lean towards formal and traditional, but there’s no reason why you can’t break the mould. If you’re feeling creative, try your hand at some poetry, a paraphrase of a Bible verse or humorous wording. Browse our exclusive collection of designs from independent designers to find your ideal invite today.