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Burgundy and Gold Wedding Invitations

Luxurious weddings must have a color palette that communicates the romanticism and sophistication a couple wants to transmit. If you are looking for some inspiration, we recommend you a burgundy and gold combination. Those colors are ideal both for winter and summer weddings; it will all depend on the amount of each tone you use. 

For a spring or summer wedding, you can add tiny amounts of burgundy into your wedding decoration, combined with a lighter neutral tone such a blush or ivory and details in gold. If you organize a winter celebration, burgundy could be your base tone and gold, the ideal complement for small details. 

Paperlust offers many wedding invitation designs that suit a burgundy and gold wedding. You can go for a floral, or perhaps a classic and minimalistic invitation. Incorporate gold with one of our specialty printing processes, like real foil or metallic print. Complete your order by personalizing the details and wording of your wedding invitation, we ship globally, and you can have free shipping on orders over $300.00 USD.