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Blush Pink Wedding Invitations

Blush tones are some of the most popular for weddings, and they reflect love and harmony, and femininity. The number of flowers and decorative elements you find within pink blush is enormous, giving you many options to set the perfect decoration for your big day. Blush tones are synonym of romance and love. 

You can choose your invitations in a floral concept for a romantic wedding, with beautiful blooms in different pink shades. Add elegance to them by incorporating a metallic detail; it could be on your initials or names. Real foil does a great job at delivering beautiful shine. 

If you are more into a modern or minimalistic concept, you could choose an arch or half arch format. Along with a simple design in blush tone stock, you can personalize your wedding invitation by adding all your celebration information and changing the font, letter size, and moving or eliminating elements you do not need. You can even add a custom backside to your invitations.