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Blush and Gold Wedding Invitations

Wedding planning is such an exciting process for engaged couples. They get to reflect their personalities and style in a unique event. Some of the first steps you must take are writing your guests list and choosing a theme for your wedding. Once those two decisions are made, you can start looking for the perfect wedding invitations

Your invitations should follow the general aesthetic of the wedding. If you are planning a classic and romantic event, blush and gold tones are ideal for you. Incorporate gold lettering to one of the many blush designs Paperlust offer by choosing metallic print. This technology uses metallic gold pigment without the cost of real foil and providing a subtle shine. If subtle is not your thing, we recommend real foil, a specialty printing process that combines heat, pressure, and metallic pigment to result in a luxurious and elegant gold-tone. 

Once you make up your mind about the design and the style you love, it is time to choose your words. The wording you choose for your wedding invitation will let your guests know the formality of the event. Here are some of the basic elements you must include. 

  • Host Names (include the name of those who are covering the expenses of your wedding) 

  • The couple names. 

  • Date and time of the ceremony 

  • Location and full address (specify if the reception will be at a different location) 

  • Dress code (be clear regarding this matter, black tie, cocktail attire, and casual attire are some options)

And remember two important details. First, send your invitations six to eight weeks before the big day. Second, establish an RSVP deadline two to three weeks before the wedding. If you are looking for a competitive price and fast delivery, buying online is your best option, you can personalize the invitations and choose every detail from the comfort of your home.