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Blue and Silver Wedding Invitations | Navy Blue and Silver Wedding Invitations

Blue and silver are a couple made in heaven, a pair of colors that suit any event, indoors, outdoors, day or night. If you are a big fan of this unique and stylish combination of tones, you should incorporate them into your upcoming wedding. 

There are endless shades of blue, and the best part is they all look perfect when you combine them with silver. Adding a metallic tone to your wedding decoration always makes it look elegant. If you are hosting an outdoor daytime wedding, you can choose a lighter shade of blue. It can also suit perfectly for an elegant beach wedding. 

Blue flowers are hard to find, but there are plenty of options. Hydrangeas, eryngium, delphiniums, and iris are some of the most common, and they will all look amazing on your centerpieces. 

You can prefer a darker tone of blue for an evening wedding reception, along with silver details. It will look elegant and classic. Your invitations can reflect the tones of your big day. A navy-blue stock with real foil or white ink printing is ideal. 

Paperlust offers many wedding invitations design. You can find simple watercolor designs, luxurious dark backgrounds with shiny star details or lines, and even some inspired by the sea. Ordering online is easy, and once your order is ready to ship, your invitations will arrive in 2 to 4 business days.