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Blue and Orange Wedding Invitations

Organizing a colorful wedding has many perks; the main one is how unique it will be and memorable for every attendant. Weddings are beautiful demonstrations of love and style, and if you are a couple who loves blue and orange, why not incorporating those tones into your decorations, bridesmaid dresses, and of course, your wedding invitations. 

Paperlust offers many design options for your blue and orange wedding invitations, from classic to playful, and the best part is you get to customize and personalize each design. Once you choose an invitation, you can change the wording, font, color, resize, move, and discard some elements. 

In addition to customizing your wedding invitation, you can find the same design for your save the date cards, thank you cards, RSVP cards, and menu. To change the color of the invitation, add a map on the backside, or make any other change, you can add a special request, and our team will work on it to make it perfect. Keep in mind that if you buy three items, you can save 15% of your order. 

Envelopes are another way to make your wedding invitations unique. Paperlust has a large variety of paper to choose from. Standard or custom liners, envelopes can even have the address printed if you want to make things easier. You also have the option to choose a free white premium envelope.