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Blue and Gold Wedding Invitations | Royal Blue and Gold Wedding Invitations

Choosing the theme and color palette for your wedding is no joke; you need to think about all the details with those colors and see if it communicates your style and personality. Blue and gold is a classic combination for weddings, and regardless of the season, wedding venue, and time of the day your celebration takes place, you can always adjust the colors to suit well. 

During spring, a daytime outdoor wedding can look flawless if you choose a light shade of blue along with ivory or camel and gold. For a formal evening winter wedding, you should prefer dark navy blue along with gold to contrast and create an amazing result. Lush florals and candles always make a table setting look impressive. 

Once you know the shade of blue, it is time to browse through Paperlust and find the right blue and gold wedding invitation. Then with the editing tool, you can customize the wording and add all the details of your big celebration. Include a special request to add a map, change the font or the color. And request a custom order to make bigger changes or design a unique wedding invitation.