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Black Tie Wedding Invitations

Black tie weddings are the most luxurious and formal events you can imagine. If you have in mind hosting a black-tie wedding, here are some of the guidelines you should consider. 

The decoration is usually over the top, opulent, and elegant. Black tie events tend to be timeless instead of trendy. The reception usually happens in the evening, commonly in a glamorous and elegant venue such as a hotel ballroom or historic building. Dinner and drinks stand out for the uniqueness and quality of the ingredients. 

Your wedding invitations must communicate the formality of your wedding. Prefer a classic design with details like white ink, metallic print, or real foil print. Darker tones such as black, navy, burgundy, and dark green are ideal for your invitation paper. Caligraphy or traditional fonts suit you well, and you can add a metallic element to your invitations. Since your event is formal, the wording should also be very formal. Do not forget to add the dress code to your invitations. 

A black-tie event attire means that your female guests should wear a formal floor-length gown covering the ankles. A gentleman is expected to wear a tuxedo, black bow tie, black vest, and formal leather shoes. 


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