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black tie wedding invitations

When you close your eyes, what type of wedding do you see? A casual gathering where all your guests sit where they want and you make your own drinks, or is it a formal event with elegant attires, a five-course dinner, and top-of-the-notch service? Black tie weddings are the most luxurious and formal events you can imagine. If you have in mind hosting a black-tie wedding, here are some of the guidelines you should consider. 

Remember that a black-tie wedding means your event formality is only a step away from royalty events called a white tie. The decoration is usually over the top, opulent, and elegant. Black tie events tend to be timeless instead of trendy. The reception usually happens in the evening, commonly in a glamorous and elegant venue such as a hotel ballroom or historic building. Dinner and drinks stand out for the uniqueness and quality of the ingredients. 

A black-tie event attire means that your female guests should wear a formal floor-length gown covering the ankles. A gentleman is expected to wear a tuxedo, black bow tie, black vest, and formal leather shoes. You can even add a couple of guidelines for your guests in your wedding website so they fully understand what you mean. 

Since one of the defining aspects of black-tie weddings is the wedding venue and the time of the event. When you start looking for a wedding venue, you need to think about the formality of your event, so look for a classic and luxurious venue with details like large windows, sparkling chandeliers, and high ceilings. Outdoor views are also a big plus for black-tie weddings. Waterfront spaces or gardens are particularly great for cocktail hour. 

After having defined your wedding theme, formality, and venue, it is time to communicate it to your wedding guests. Start by choosing the right black tie wedding invitations; doing it online is easier since you can save time and money. Paperlust offers you a great selection of black-tie wedding invitations. You can customize each design by changing the wording. But what is the right wording for black tie wedding invitations? Think of them as a formal letter; you must classically address your guests and don't forget to mention the event dress code is black tie. 

The design of your black-tie wedding invitations should go with the color palette you chose for the wedding ceremony and reception décor. If you went for a classic white or ivory and greenery or a full black and white event, you should keep the color palette within your invitations. Avoid simple patterns if you pursue a higher formality. Instead, prefer metallic hints over plain backgrounds. Calligraphy details and clean lines are encouraged to communicate the black-tie vibe. Choose our foil or metallic print types to make it stand out and shine properly. 

Your wedding invitations must communicate the formality of your wedding. Prefer a classic design with details like white ink, metallic print, or real foil print. Darker tones such as black, navy, burgundy, and dark green are ideal for your invitation paper. Caligraphy or traditional fonts suit you well, and you can add a metallic element to your invitations. Since your event is formal, the wording should also be very formal.