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black and purple wedding invitations

Are you tired of the classic ivory and pink wedding invitations you always see? Is there a rule about having to choose those colors for a wedding, or somehow, we lost creativity along the way? First, there are no written rules regarding the color palette suitable for a wedding day, and creativity is what we live for here at Paperlust. We have the perfect combination for you if you are looking for some wedding invitation inspiration. 

Black and purple wedding invitations are one of a kind, and you can find them in Paperlust with plenty of designs, from a fresh floral to a luxurious foil detailed pattern. Incorporating black and purple into your wedding is simple. Imagine a beautiful wedding venue, perhaps with a stunning hanging floral installation in deep purple tones. Each table with wonderful details like black floral vases for your combination of purple blooms, golden table settings, and magnificent moody illumination. 

Our black and purple wedding invitations are just what you are missing to start planning an out-of-the-ordinary wedding. Once you choose one of our designs, it is time to use the editing tool and change the wording to add all the details of your ceremony and reception. You can change the font style, size, and colors from a current design. And if you wish to create your own or already have a design, we can help you bring it to life through custom order.