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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Blue Save the Date & Save the Date Invitations

We have Australia’s most amazing blue save the date card collection online. Whilst there are so many options we think that a blue save the date card is a really awesome way to brighten up your stationery. Blue looks amazing across all different printing styles. A blue save the date card is incredible when paired with digital printing, and gives your wedding guests a glimpse of the big day you will be hosting.

When selecting the perfect blue save the date card it’s imperative to consider the styling on your big day. If you are considering a nautical themed ceremony, then blue could go a long way to setting the tone for the day. And if you would like to complete the stationery set with a wedding menu or a place card we have Australia’s best design talent all in one place where you can find matching designs to make sure you have everything even covered from engagement to post wedding thank you notes.

We curate New Zealand and Australia’s best design talent here at Paperlust including Melbourne. Meaning that we have the best young local design talent down-under creating the best blue save the date card designs. And if supporting the best young Aussie and Kiwi talent wasn’t enough to get you excited about Paperlust, remember we offer free shipping on all order, free envelopes with invitations and cards and a satisfaction guarantee, because we are sticklers when it comes to quality.

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