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Print on Wood RSVP Cards & RSVP Wedding Cards

Print on wood wedding invitations and RSVP cards are stunning, unique, and wafer thin so they can be posted like any other invitation.

Each print on wood wedding invitation set is truly unique, has matching wedding invitationsave the datethank you card and wishing well, and has been created through Paperlust's collaboration with emerging artist from Online, Australia, Sydney and Melbourne.

Working with the very best creatives ensures that selected colours, like black, gold, purple and white, will work to bring the best out of this medium enhancing your wedding invites and rsvp wedding cards.

Not all print options - letterpress, foil stamp, photo card - are available with print on wood rsvp cards and wedding cards. If you have a particular print type or design style - rustic, country, beach and formal - we suggest browsing by these filters first to ensure you discover the designs that match your wedding style.

Being the helpful people we are we've pulled together a an easy-to-use guide on all things wedding rsvp wording and wedding invitation wording, which lists every wedding card wording option you could ever need.

Have fun discover unique designs from our talented Australian creatives.



The Paperlust Team