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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Rustic gift tags

Gift tags are a key piece of stationery for a number of different events, from wedding favour tags to Christmas present labels, thank you gift tags to birthday gift tags. A well chosen gift tag can amp up your gift to a whole new level, and can put your gift in line with a particular theme. Rustic gift tags and rustic labels are one of the most popular choices, since it brings a country, handmade feel to any present. 

Rustic gift tags are typically themed around nature, and may feature florals or botanical illustrations. They normally stick to a neutral colour palette, sometimes with nature-inspired colours included. White, green or brown gift tags are common choices. Often, rustic gift tags are printed on kraft paper, which gives the feel of handmade cardboard labels. The tags may be heavily embellished with illustrations and patterns, or plain gift tags may be chosen to keep a diy feel. Rustic tags come in a range of different shapes and sizes, including rectangular gift tags, square gift tags, and round gift tags. 

A lot of rustic gift tags incorporate vintage design elements, since the two styles tend to be closely linked. A rustic vintage gift tag template may feature vintage line drawings of sprigs of greenery, flowers, trees, and other natural elements, or it may simply incorporate vintage-feel lines, borders and typefaces. This vintage feel is perfect for wedding bomboniere thank you tags, since most weddings incorporate some vintage elements as part of the celebrations. 

Vintage or not, rustic gift tags work perfectly as Easter tags, since new life and nature are so connected with Easter. They are also a popular choice as food tags, since the homemade feel goes so well with baked goods or a meal. Of course, the rustic theme is broad enough that the style works for any occasion and can accompany any adult or kids gift. 

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