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Modern Engagement Invitations. Engagement Party Invitations

If tradition has never really been your thing, you’ll want nothing less than modern engagement invitations.

At Paperlust we continually update our designs to keep up with the cool kids so you can find a modern engagement party invitation for you and your loved one!

If you hail from Online, Australia, Sydney and Melbourne, we’ve got you covered. If you hail from… well anywhere, we’ve got you covered!

Something modern can’t be kept contained for long, which is why you’ll find many modern designs in other categories like vintage, rustic, simple and whimsical.

So many style, but where to start? Why not with colour? You can narrow down your preference for your modern engagement invites but simply clicking on green, pink, red and silver. So simple, so easy!

Want to add something extra to your design without really altering the design you’ve chosen or the engagement invitation wording at all? Choose a different print type like letterpress, metallic print, photo card and print on wood to spice things up for your guests!

Although there are so many decisions, once you narrow it down you can continue the chosen design across your invitation suites to include even your wedding invitation, save the date, thank you card and wishing well.

Customising your own engagement invitation online, to be printed and sent right to your doorstep? How modern.



The Paperlust Crew