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Timeless moment with vintage Christmas Cards

Christmas is an ancient celebration, and the elements we link to it have also changed over time. You can see modern approaches to a Christmas card, but if you are a lover of vintage designs, colors, and even lettering, you will find many options on our vintage selection. 

Paperlust has a large selection for your vintage-inspired Christmas cards, browse and find the ideal design to let your loved ones know how much you love them and the wishes you have for their holidays. The design you love might have a vintage feel due to the images or the frame; perhaps it has some romantic lettering, and keep in mind all our designs are customizable. 


Personalizing The Vintage Christmas Cards

Once you choose a design, it is time to personalize it, the wording can be changed to your preference, and you can drag, drop, or resize elements with the editing tool. Changing colors and elements of an existing design is possible when you add a special request, and you can also change the font style. 

With a custom order, you can make your dreams come true; any design you have in mind will be possible, perhaps you already have an idea, or you wish to change an existing design completely. Our design team will work with you hand to hand to help you achieve the design you envision. 

 To finish the personalization stage, don't forget about choosing the right envelope for your thoughtfully picked vintage Christmas card. Paperlust offers a wide selection of colors and paper types to match the vibes of your card, and there is even an option to add a return address and recipient address on the address manager page and print it on your envelopes. 

Paperlust also offers you different printing types, from budget-friendly and colorful digital printing to an elegant flat foil or metallic, and the unique white ink over color stock. The magic of Christmas cards comes from your imagination and inspiration; make sure you choose each detail to make your cards perfect and unique.