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Select religious Christmas cards to share the joy

Christmas is a treasured celebration for those who practice religion; it is a time of joy because Jesus was born and a moment of reflection, making it the perfect occasion to share a biblical passage or quote that makes us appreciate our blessings and help one another. 


Customizing Religious Christmas Cards

Paperlust has a large selection of religious images to go along with your special Christmas card, from the Nativity star to a holy cross or the baby in the manger. You can also upload a family photo for your religious Christmas card and add an available filter to suit your style needs. 

The editing tool allows you to customize the wording and add important information such as your family name, a beautiful quote, and your wishes to who is receiving it. You can even add a special request to change some elements, color, or font style. 

When customizing your religious Christmas cards, incorporate the characteristic colors of the season, deep and bright red, green, white, and a touch of gold. But if classic colors are not your favorite, you can always choose a color palette with gray and silver, perhaps a classic black and white.  


Religious Christmas Cards Quote Ideas

And if you are looking for some inspiration to add the right religious quote, here is a little help. 

- Jesus is the gift that fits every heart. 

- This Christmas, we wish you receive the gift of faith, the blessings of hope, and the peace of His love. 

- We wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas, filled with blessings throughout the year.

- Count your blessings for this holy celebration. See what the Lord has done for you, and enjoy this merry Christmas.


 Choose your Christmas card as soon as you can; Paperlust will have your order ready within a couple of weeks depending on the printing type and specifications you choose; once it is ready to ship, it will arrive at your doorstep within 2 to 4 working days. 

Keep in mind some of the main details your Christmas card should include, like your family's name, the year, a Christmas greeting, a personal message, a quote, and your signature. Christmas cards should be ordered timely so you can send them within the first two weeks of December. 

Add a special touch of personalization by choosing a beautiful envelope color with a customized liner. You can even include the names of who is receiving and their address to make things easier for you. 

The perks of ordering online with Paperlust are many. To start with, you don't need to leave home during the whole process; you can customize every detail and even work with the design team to create a Christmas card from scratch.