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Shining foil Christmas Cards to impress your family and friends

There isn’t a more classic, simple, elegant look than foil on any sort of greeting card, but most especially when it comes to Christmas cards. Foil can accent a look, create a look, or just make the words on your card pop and shine, so why wouldn’t you choose it for your Christmas card to really stick out among the stack your family and friends receive? Created in a variety of local locations Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane and a multitude of elegant styles like vintage christmas cards, black & white christmas greeting cards, rustic christmas cards and lace christmas cards, there’s no way you won’t find a lovely foil Christmas card here at Paperlust.

Though foil may be a classic design element in many styles of greeting cards, that doesn’t mean that have to be plain, simple or boring; in fact Paperlust offers foil cards in not only a variety of styles, but also colours like black, blue, gold and purple and prints such as digital cards, foil stamp and photo card, you’re sure to find a card that draws your attention. Paperlust even goes a step further by offering these styles in other types of stationary products including wedding invitations, save the date, baby announcement and birthday invitations so you can enjoy your foil design yourself in other ways. Whether you just want a Christmas card, or love these foil designs so much you need more, Paperlust will personalize it just the way you want.

Christmas cards can portray how much you love this season of the year, your personality, and your preferred colors or designs. Paperlust offers you the opportunity to create unique designs and choose from various printing styles, one of them being foil stamp. This specialty printing brings timeless elegance to your seasonal cards.

Foil stamp is a process that involves heat, pressure, and metallic pigment. In colors like gold, silver, copper, and rose gold. Imagine your Christmas cards with an elegant design and the exquisite touch of foil, perhaps phrases, stars, or even Christmas trees surrounding your family photo of the year. 


Personalizing The Foil Christmas Cards

Paperlust allows you to personalize your Christmas cards with the editing tool; you can change the wording, drag and drop elements, and even resize them. If you need extra space to send your wishes to friends and family, you can add a special request for a custom backside. Special requests also work to change the font style, add or delete elements, and change the colors of an existing design. 


The Production Timeline

The production timeline for custom Christmas cards can change depending on the printing style you choose. Foil stamp requires a minimum order of 50 pieces, and production time could take from 15 to 17 working days. If you wish to learn more about production times, the FAQ page has all you need to know. 


Envelope For Every Order

Personalized envelopes are also available in many colors and paper styles; you could also add a standard or custom liner. And if you wish to save time filling the spaces with a return to address and recipient address, you can include them, and we print it for you.