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Letterpress Birthday Invitation Cards & Party Invitation Cards

Get a timeless look that will make your photos stand out with letterpress birthday invitations from Paperlust. By using a letterpress, we can make each of your invitations hold a classic look that cannot be matched with any other printing style. No matter the type of birthday party you are planning to hold, you can give it a beautifully formal feel when you choose letterpress birthday invitation cards.

Choose any design from our expansive collection to go along with your stylish letterpress print card! This includes stunning designs such as custom birthday invitations, cool birthday invites, childrens birthdays invitations and personalised party invitations that can be customised perfectly to suit the theme of your party. No matter the location of your event, from Sydney to Melbourne, Paperlust offers an incredible resource for personal designers to craft your cards so that each and every invitation is as fresh, new and as exciting as it is original.

No matter the occasion, including 1st birthday invitations, 21st birthday invitations, 40th birthday invites and 50th party invitations, Paperlust has a number of products available to help suit any event, or anything that needs party invitations. Birthday invitations are just the beginning. The selection of stationery we also include are wedding invitations, thank you cards, wishing well and baby announcement cards. All of this stationery can be customised using letterpress printing, or you could opt for any of our other print styles, such as vintage, rustic, beach and lace.

Letterpress birthday invitations lend a certain appeal that cannot be found through any other medium. Get this traditional look on all of your birthday invitations when you contact Paperlust today! Reach us at