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Funny Birthday Invitations

Your birthday should be all about you, and so should your birthday party. If you’re the life of the party and love to make people laugh, you should reflect that in your party, starting with funny birthday invitations. 

There are a number of different ways to create funny birthday invitations. Some people choose to use humorous wording or jokes, and other people prefer to rely on funny images or photos as part of the design. There are also a tonne of different types of humour you might use, from puns and  jokes to dark humour and making fun of yourself. 

The best thing about making your birthday invitations funny is that the recipients are usually your friends. This typically means they understand and appreciate your sense of humour, and will ‘get’ the humour of funny invites. If you are inviting people outside of that - particularly older family members, or loose acquaintances you don’t know very well - make sure your sense of humour isn’t going to be misunderstood and offend somebody or get you in trouble. 

There are tonnes of options for funny birthday invitation wording for adults, some of which work on their own and some of which work in conjunction with a picture. For example, a photo card with a picture of you as a child dressed up in a silly outfit along with the caption “This cool dude is turning 40” or “Always a fashionista”. Jokes about getting older or your age are also very popular (this might be literal: “Born before the internet”, or sarcastic: “Older than the pyramids”).

At the end of the day, birthday invitations should be an extension of you, so anything that makes you smile is the perfect choice. Look for funny pictures or cute jokes or wording that reflect you, and you can’t go wrong.