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Frozen Birthday Invitations

There’s one theme that stands out above anything else as the most popular choice for kids birthday parties over the last few years: the Disney movie, Frozen! Parents all around the world are looking for Frozen birthday invitations that are perfect for their little girls (or boys!) of all ages. In all this excitement over the 2013 film, people are increasingly interested in finding something a bit different from the norm. In a sea of Frozen invitations templates plastered with branded images of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven, people are looking for Frozen birthday invitations that are a little more subtle and beautiful. 

The best Frozen birthday invitations are typically in frosty colour palettes of blues and silver along with white, cream and other neutrals. This sort of colour palette not only reflects the icy feel of winter, but also the colour palette of the movie in particular. In addition to the colour palette, design elements like snowflakes, snowmen, geometric lines, and anything wintry are perfect for getting the Frozen feel across. Princess-inspired design styles can also be a great choice for little girls who love all things royal, and love the castles and the pretty dresses as much as the winter theme itself. 

One of the most popular features for premium Frozen birthday invitations is real foil. This comes in a range of colours, but silver really stands out and is the best choice for a Frozen invitation template. Alternative choices might include blue, green, gold or even white. Another popular print type for Frozen party invitation templates is white ink on coloured paper stock. This looks vibrant and eye-catching in a whole new way. Why not try white ink on blue paper stock for an Elsa feel? These premium print types really put your invitations in a whole other league to the free frozen invitation printouts that are standard at kids parties with paper plates and cups, and plastic tablecloths: perfect if you’re looking for something more formal or luxurious.

Every Frozen party invite template on Paperlust is completely customisable and can be tailored to your tastes and needs. Once you choose your invitation design and the best colour palette for you, you can use our unique editing tool to drag and drop design elements, resize things, delete unneeded components, and put in your own information. After purchase, a Paperlust designer will put together a proof for your approval, and help you make any other changes you need. This makes the whole process simple and leaves you with a product that is truly fit for a little princess.