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70th Birthday Invitations

Birthday parties are always exciting opportunities to get together with family and friends, and this becomes even more important as you get older. As your circle of family and friends expands and spreads out around the country and the world, it’s always fun to gather as many people together as possible to catch up. Your seventieth birthday is the perfect excuse to celebrate, and your celebrations begin with the perfect 70th birthday invitations.

There’s a million different ways your life can look by your 70 th birthday - some people are still in the midst of their careers, some are retired, some have a tonne of grandkids and some are travelling the world. Whatever 70 looks like for you, your 70th birthday invitations should reflect that individual path and your individual personality. This individuality should come across in both the invitation design itself, and the choice of your 70th birthday invitation wording. 

Luckily, at Paperlust, we’ve got a huge range of 70th birthday invites, with categories of different 70th birthday invite designs and templates to suit everyone. Whether you’re looking for 70th birthday invitations for men or for women, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also got a guide to birthday invitation wording to help you choose the 70th birthday party invitation wording that works best for you. 

Some of the most popular 70th birthday invitations include floral birthday invitations, vintage birthday invitations and minimalist, simple birthday invitations. There’s no rule that says you have to stick to these, but that might be a good starting point if you’re stuck for ideas for 70th birthday party invitations. Another popular choice is to incorporate 70th birthday pictures in a photo card - most often, this is a photo of the guest of honour as a child or young adult, but your 70th birthday images can be anything meaningful for you! If you’re looking for more invitation ideas (or maybe you’re attending a party and looking for 70th birthday card ideas?) take a look through our collection and find something you love. 

Wondering why you should buy professionally printed invites instead of finding your own free printable 70th birthday invitations? While free 70th birthday invitations templates can seem easy and cheap, many people ultimately go past them because of the work involved in actually printing them. Even if you can find free 70th birthday invitation templates, there is cost involved with buying paper and ink, envelopes, and any other bits and pieces you might need. Then there is the time and effort involved in getting the print job perfect, which can be difficult without knowledge or experience. On top of all this, designers usually don’t give away their best 70th birthday invitations free, which can limit your range of choices and make it hard to find something you love. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use 70th birthday invitation templates if you want to, just be aware of all the potential difficulties before you make the decision to avoid getting stuck halfway through and wishing you’d known. While people tend to put a lot of thought and forward planning into their 21st invitations and other big milestones, sometimes they forget how much work is required by their 70 years old birthday. Make sure you treat it like any other big event!

If you’ve got any party planning experience, it will come as no surprise 70th birthday party invitations can set the tone of your entire event. Choosing invites can help you come up with ideas for a 70th birthday party, from your 70th birthday theme ideas to RSVP 70th birthday cards, to your party decor and any specific details you’d like to include - from 70th birthday banners to something completely out of the ordinary, like 70th birthday t shirts (yes, we’ve seen it done!). So if you’re approaching the planning phase of your big celebration, start with the invitation. Whether you’ve been hunting for 70th birthday party ideas for men or for women, you’ll find something you love and it will help inspire you for the rest of your day.