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Unique Baby Announcement Cards & Birth Announcement Cards

Announcing the arrival of your child is a big deal, so when choosing how to do it you want to make sure you have unique baby announcements that will stand out in a sea of other mail and news.  You are completely unique, and your baby is completely unique, so it makes sense to choose a unique design that reflects your individuality. At Paperlust we have a range of baby announcements and birth announcements to help you share your news your way. 

Whether you’re having a baby boy or a baby girl, we’ve got designs that are perfectly suited (including gender neutral designs if you don’t want to get too traditionally gendered). There are tonnes of themes to choose from, whether you’re interested in including cute pictures of animals or baby things (blocks, stuffed toys, bottles and tiny clothes) or whether you’d like to keep things subtle with a focus on colour, typography or patterns (polka dots, checks, stripes, etc.) to really make a statement. 

In addition to the design, a good choice of print type will also make for unique baby announcements. Since most people opt for simple digital print (ink on paper, just your standard print),  going for something extra special like real foil, raised foil or letterpress will really stand out. Other unique options include print on wood and metallic ink. Premium print types cost a little bit more but they’re definitely worth it if you’re looking for something special. 

For truly unique baby announcements, it’s all about customisation and personalisation options. There are a number of different levels of customisation to choose from, from just putting in your own details and information, adding a photo of your baby, to changing some of the colours and other design elements. With the Paperlust on-site design tool, you can make changes and see how they look in real time, instead of selecting options and hoping they turn out okay in the end. Once you’ve made all your changes, a Paperlust designer will look at your final piece and make some tweaks to ensure everything is lined up perfectly and looking great. Once you approve the final proofs, it will be printed and in your hands in no time. 

If you want something completely unique, you can even have our designers create a fresh design completely from scratch, especially for you. Just give us a brief, and through an easy process we’ll work with you to create something you love. 

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