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While you may not be able to greet your guests in person upon their arrival, our selection of wedding ceremony signs can help take on that task for you! The signs for your wedding ceremony are not only perfect additions to your wedding day decor, but also provide helpful information to your guests. There are endless options for what your wedding ceremony signs can include from:

 - “Welcome to the Wedding of…” signs

 - Guest book and gift signs

 - Unplugged ceremony

and more! We highly recommend including wedding ceremony signs in your day-of stationery as they help guide your guests through your day and provide them with answers to any general questions they may have.

Keep in mind, your wedding ceremony signs are different from your reception signs (like seating charts), which we also offer here at Paperlust! You aren’t limited to one sign for your wedding ceremony so feel free to customise multiple templates and receive 15% off when you order three or more items.

Browse our selection of wedding ceremony signs here.