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Vintage Thank You Cards & Wedding Thank You Cards

Anything vintage never goes out of style, so make your thanks yous last forever with our vintage thank you cards at Paperlust!

There is nothing better than a vintage design, that’s why we keep heading back to them. With our vintage wedding thank you cards, they are a sure-fy way to the fridge where anything important is immortalised, and with our vintage suit spanning across rsvp card and save the date invitations, by the end your entire suite will be on their fridge!

Who can blame them? Think about the stunning geometric structure of anything art deco in black. Or how about classic letterpress, no argument it’s the bee’s knee’s.

We could honestly talk forever about it, because it’s class is endless! You just have to pop on down to Melbourne or Sydney to see this vintage revival, and we’re more than happy it happened.



The Paperlust Crew