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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Shimmer Thank You Cards - Wedding Invitations

Give yourself one less thing to think about post-wedding by ordering your shimmer thank you cards in advance. Sending custom wedding thank you cards is a beautiful way to thank your guests in a style that's all your own.

You'll find a wide range of shimmer thank you card designs that have been designed by independent designers and artists from Australia and around the world. All shimmer thank you cards are printed on luxurious paperlust card stock, ensuring they feel as good as they look. is proud to be an Australian company. Our shimmer thank you card orders are supported by our local and friendly customer support team, are turned around with lighting speed. Our support team and design associates are here to help with wedding invitations wording, wedding invitation etiquette and any other customisation requests.

Every order you place directly supports the wedding invitation designer or artist behind the design. So on behalf of our amazing design community, thank you!

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