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Personalized Thank You Cards

Saying thank you is a personal thing: someone has taken the time to help you out, give you a gift, invite you to an event, or attend an event you put on. They’ve noticed you, and you’re thanking them and noticing them back. For this reason, personalized thank you notes are a popular way to extend your gratitude. They can stand alone, as beautiful tokens of your thanks, or work alongside personalized thank you gifts to say an even bigger thank you. 

There are a number of ways thank you cards can be personalized. Personalized cards may be made personal with: 

Wording - add a personal message to the design of your thank you cards when you order them. This might be as simple as just your own name, but it could be a more in depth note that makes each card your own. 

A photo - put your thank yous over the top with personalized photos cards. For a wedding thank you card, include a wedding photo, for newborn thank you cards, include a photo of the baby. A photo is a great way to make your thank you notes uniquely yours. 

The design - make the design yours by choosing your print type and colour palette, as well as making changes to the layout using our on site drag, drop and resize tool. You could also have a design created from scratch using our custom design service. 

A personal, handwritten note - create truly personalized thank you notes by writing a message by hand to your friends and family members. It doesn’t have to be long. Even just writing their name and signing your own will show that you put personal care and attention into the thanks. 


Some of the most popular occasions for personalized thank you notes include:

Weddings - your wedding is a time of love and support from family and friends. It’s also a time when lots of people typically help out, bring gifts, or simply take the time to attend your celebrations. Say thank you in a way that reflects your unique love. 

Newborn or baby shower - there’s lots to say thank you for after you have a baby! From gifts and visits to meals and other support, it’s important to say thanks. Make your thank you cards unique to you and your new baby. 

Birthday or other party- after you’ve had a party for your birthday or another occasion, say thank you with personalized thank you cards that reflect the event perfectly. 

After a difficult event - after an illness, death in the family, or other difficult event, there are usually lots of people to thank. Personalized sympathy thank you cards can speak for themselves and save you from having to put too much time into writing the notes at such a difficult time. 

Whatever your event, it’s always valuable to personalize your thank you cards to make an impact on your loved ones and really show how grateful you are for what they have done, and for having them in your life.