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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Funny Thank You Cards & Wedding Thank You Cards

Funny thank you cards, need we say more? There is nothing better than when you re-live a hilarious moment in a card given to you by someone, so why not send this kind of moment in our funny wedding thank you cards!

From photo cards in the back alleys of Melbourne that share a giggle worthy moment, to winery weddings across Brisbane and Canberra where ‘wine not!’ puns are a necessity.  There is not thank you that cannot be said with funny thank you card messages, especially when they come in so many colours like green and yellow!

And hey, if you’re the kind of person where dad jokes and puns are a said every day, why not take a look at our funny wedding invitation and save the date. We promise there are no red lobsters with gold rings around their claws saying ‘He’s her lobster!’, but our digital card will raise a giggle out of yet.



The Paperlust Lobsters

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