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Elegant Thank You Cards

Elegance is in the details. When you organize a fundraiser, a wedding, or perhaps a corporate gala, you need to communicate from the beginning the formality and elegance you want for your event. Your invitations should be classic and elegant. With the right tones and font, you will achieve it. 

But do not forget to order thank you cards that go along with the theme. Neutral tones, simple lines, calligraphy, and perhaps a beautiful photo are some ideas to make your cards elegant. Keep your wording formal and neutral, and you can individualize each card with a handwritten note. 

Paperlust offers print types to add class and elegance to your cards. Real foil is the most popular because of the shiny finish, in metallic colors like silver, gold, copper, and rose gold. For a subtle metallic look, prefer metallic print type. 

Order your thank you cards before your event, so you have them ready to send soon after. Etiquette indicates that it should not take you longer than two weeks to send those cards. And they should be intended for everyone who attended, help you organize, or sent a gift.