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Digital Thank You Cards & Wedding Thank You Cards

We get it that writing wedding thank you cards to wedding guests can be a little daunting but here's a few tips and tricks to creating grooby digital wedding invitations.

First things first put on your favourite spotify playlist and do a little lounge room dance. We think there's nothing like a little booty shake to get you smiling and in the best mood to say thank you. Now it's time to get creative and find the perfect thank you card design. An easy way to discover the right design is to browse by beach, funny, lace and rustic, or black, gold, green and yellow. If you want to get truly personal you can also discover designs by browsing artist profiles and creating Online thank you cards.

Once you have you heart set on a design keep in mind your printing options, which depending on your design can be digital or letterpress, foil stamp, photo thank you cards and print on wood. If you are purchasing your wedding invitation set at the same time it's worthwhile taking a look at all the designs within the set, which will include wedding invitations, engagement invitations, save the date and wishing well cards, and birthday invitations.

Finally, what to write. Keep it fun, personal, and honest. Saying thank you isn't about churning out thank you cards but rather saying, thank you. If you want fun examples of thank you card wording be sure to take a peek at our wedding thank you card wording page.

And on that note we'd like to say thank you on behalf of all the emerging artists whose artwork you have appreciated and supported.

You're the best!



The Paperlust Team