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Custom Thank You Cards

When you organize a wedding, you must think about many details, and one that couples often forget is sending thank you cards. Once your wedding day has passed, it is time to thank everyone who attended and even send you a gift. The best decision you can make is to request your cards with anticipation, and this will give you enough time to choose the right design, perhaps even match it with the aesthetic of your wedding. 

If you want to send extra special thank you cards that align with your style, the best way to go is with a personalized design. You can either pick one of the many options Paperlust offers and add your personal touch by uploading a photo, add a filter, and choose your favourite color palette. 

Or, if you have a clear vision and design in mind, our custom design service is for you. You can ask for a personalized design, send one that you already own, or change the details of a design you like from our own. 

Thank you, cards are crucial; they are thoughtful details that everyone appreciates. Make sure you organize your wedding information so the process is seamless. Make a list of the gifts you receive along your wedding planning process because many come before the big day. And have a list of the guests who attended your celebration. 

Remember that you should send thank you notes briefly after your wedding; three months is the limit. And while a template can be personalized, it is recommendable that you write a message individually.