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Cool Thank You Cards

Thank you, cards do not always have to be so formal and boring. You can make them suit your style and personality. Paperlust offers many options, and if you can not find one that is cool enough for you, you can create it. 

Wedding themes tend to be always around the same elements, flowers, greenery, and light tones. But some couples are unconventional and want a unique design for their wedding, from the decoration to the invitations and thank you cards. 

Perhaps a dark stock with white ink and a unique font with your initials. Or how about a thank you card with your favorite photo from the wedding. If your wedding theme and aesthetic were out of the box, you can upload a photo and create a unique design. 

Uncommon or funny phrases make a thank you card special. Think about a "Thank you for attending, we would have called you, but we are probably too exhausted from our honeymoon" or "Thank you for celebrating with us, dancing, eating, drinking… Should not you be thanking us?" Get creative and funny with your wording. 

Another cool way to thank your guests is with a unique element like a llama, your favorite cartoon, or your favorite series character. You can add a phrase from them and keep it casual. Let your creativity loose, and let us help you to create a cool and one-of-a-kind card.