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Classic Thank You Cards & Wedding Thank You Cards

Then there is no better way to say thank you to your wedding guests than with our classic thank you cards. Especially if times new roman, the colour black and any kind of calligraphy are on your design choice checklist!

Our classic wedding thank you cards are timeless as they are contemporary, and suit a wedding in any part of Australia and New Zealand. From Perth to Brisbane a classic thank you card can glide through each location, to each guest without any change.

Although a classic invitation is black and white, our independent designers have been pushing boundaries and have gone beyond to give a contemporary feel to your wedding invitation and thank you cards with classy design styles like beach, funny and lace.

Combining colours like black and rose gold, beige and blue and adding print types like letterpress, foil stamp and metallic print has taken classic thank you cards to a new height of sophistication.

So say thank you in the only way you know how, with elegance!



The Paperlust Team