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Bridal Shower Thank You Cards

During your wedding planning process, many other events will happen. One of them honors the bride-to-be and celebrates the end of your single life and the beginning of a new stage. It is a special event because someone else will thoughtfully plan it for you, so you need to enjoy and have fun. 

But after the champagne toast is over, it is time to take a moment from your busy day and thank everyone who organized the event and kindly attended. All the hard work put into your bridal shower must be recognized. 

Make a list of all those you want to thank, and keep track of the dedication cards on each gift you receive to include everyone in your thank you cards. Remember that you must send a thank you note to the organizers, the attendants, and those who sent a gift but did not attend. 

Order your thank you cards with anticipation, especially if you have a big bridal shower. It might take some time to handwrite individual messages. You should send them within the first two weeks after the event. 

Start by selecting a design that suits your personality and the aesthetic of your bridal shower. You can add a general message saying thank you and then customize each card with a handwritten note. If you prefer a colorful design, you can choose digital printing, an efficient method with a high-quality finish. 

For an elegant event, add a touch of luxury with real foil, a specialty printing process that combines heat, pressure, and metallic pigment resulting in a sophisticated and shiny finish. If you want an elegant theme but with a subtle shine, a metallic print is ideal for you. For a vintage-themed bridal shower, letterpress is a process that adds elegance and a classic look to the thank you cards. Paperlust offers many options to personalize your cards. Ordering online is easy, and you can be sure you will receive your cards timely. 

The organization will be your best ally while you plan your wedding, and it will come in handy for your bridal shower too. Keep a list of every gift you receive and try to send the thank you cards as you receive the gifts, and you do not want to have a stack of notes to send with time against you.