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The photography collection of our beautiful cards, stationery and invites.

Botanical Thank You Cards & Wedding Thank You Cards

Flora and fauna have always been a great option to decorate any sort of wedding invite, invite for another type of event, or even something as simple as a thank you card; there is no look more classic for an invitation or thank you card than a floral/botanical look. Botanical options are so varied and different that you can easily choose a theme for a series of invites for a wedding wedding invitations, save the date, wishing well and engagement invitations, or just one type of stationary, like a thank you card, if you just need those. Paperlust offers botanical styled thank you cards to fit any occasion, no matter how formal or casual it may be.

Paperlusts’s botanical thank you cards, with design styles that have many different botanical options including rustic, beach, lace and funny, allow you to truly personalize what flora or otherwise you may want to include; from flowers to trees there is something for your event. These lovely thank you cards come in not just one colour, but an incredibly wide variety of colours such as black, gold, green and yellow which are used in a multitude of prints like letterpress, foil stamp, photo card and print on wood, so just look around and find the right botanical thank you card for you and your wedding or event.