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Black and Gold Thank You Cards

Combinations like black and gold are always associated with formal and elegant events. Perhaps it could be a wedding or a bridal shower. Ensure your decoration has elements in both colors. You can add white and other neutral colors if you like them. 

Try to keep formal wording for your invitations and thank you cards. And if possible, order them simultaneously, thank you cards should be sent timely, and if you are organizing a wedding, chances are you will receive gifts not only on your wedding day but also during the months before. 

Paperlust has many designs with black and gold tones and print types that add a touch of sparkle. If you like a shiny finish, real foil is the best option for you. Metallic print also incorporates a gold-tone but in a less sparkly finish. 

Once you find the ideal design at Paperlust, it is time to customize your wording. You can have a generic template and handwrite an individual message to each attendant. It is a nice gesture to receive a thank you note with a personalized message.