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Baptism Thank You Cards

Your child’s baptism or christening is one of the most exciting events in their young life, and a very proud occasion for most parents. It’s usually a time to get the whole family together to celebrate, along with your church and other family friends. That usually means a lot of people to thank after the big day! Thank them in style with baptism thank you cards from Paperlust

Our baptism thank you cards are available in a range of styles and print types to suit any family and event, no matter how formal or casual the baptism is going to be. All our designs are completely customisable using our on site design tool that allows you to drag, drop and resize design elements as well as putting your own information in. This lets you get the whole design perfect for you, instead of being locked into something that’s not quite right. 

Whether you’re interested in simple digital print baptism thank you cards, or something more luxurious like foil or letterpress baptism thank you cards, we’ve got something to suit. We’ve got a huge range of design styles, so whether you’re looking for a cute, kid-friendly invite or a more mature, restrained design, there’s something for you. 

Baptism is one of the first celebrations in baby life. If you plan your children's baptism, you must consider ordering along with your invitations some thank you cards. After the celebration is over, you might want to thank anyone who sent a gift, those who attended, your parents, your baby godparents, and perhaps the priest or pastor who officiated the baptism. 

Baptisms are not always formal celebrations, but you can keep your wording a bit formal and general. A simple "Thank you for celebrating with us" or "Thank you for being part of my baptism" might suit well. You can also include a phrase or verse from the Bible. 

Designs for baptism thank you cards are usually in light tones and include a religious theme.

You can match your cards to the invitation aesthetic to keep them within the same scheme. Send the thank you cards within the first two weeks after the celebration. 

Besides the printed template, consider writing a handwritten note to each attendant with an individualized message. It is a thoughtful detail that your family and friends will appreciate. Remember, they took the time to attend your event and perhaps even bought a gift for your little one. 

Paperlust makes ordering online easy, and you only need to select the design of your preference, customize the printing type, wording, and size. Then approve the design proof, and you are all set. Keep in mind that along with our preset designs, we can work with you to create a unique design you have in mind or fully customize an existing one. If you want to change the font, colors, or any other element, you can always request it.