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Chalkboard Wedding Welcome Sign

There is no better way to say hi to your wedding guests than with a beautifully made chalkboard wedding welcome sign. This sign style is ideal for minimalistic, rustic, and even vintage weddings. Since they are neutral with a chalk background and white letters, it is versatile and incorporate well with any décor. You can find this wedding welcome sign chalkboard in various sizes and shapes to fit your vision and style. 

With Paperlust, you can order rectangular wedding welcome chalkboard sign sizes like A1 - 841mm X 594mm or A2 - 594mm X 420mm. Round signs are available too in the following sizes, Circle - 600mm X 600mm and 800mm X 800mm. You can customize the print type. If you need quick delivery, digital print and vinyl foil are ideal with a 5 to 7 working days production time. And with Paperlust, you can also customize the design and choose your favorite font, letter size, and other details.