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When it comes to finding the perfect sign for your wedding that’s both eye-catching and out-of-the-box, sometimes you need more than the classic paper finish. Acrylic wedding signs at Paperlust will take your wedding signs up a notch and are guaranteed to catch the eye of any one of your guests passing by.

Our selection of acrylic wedding signs are perfect for the couple who want a stand-out design that not only complements their decor, but contributes to the overall enhancement of it as well. We offer a variety of sizes to choose from and unique shapes such as arches and circles. Choose from a clear, frosted, or colored acrylic finish and don’t think our customisation options stop there—combine a variety of different font styles to really bring your sign to life!

Alongside our selection of acrylic wedding signs, we also have mirrored acrylic wedding signs to choose from if you like the look of acrylic but want something with a bit more shine.

See what acrylic wedding sign catches your eye and start customising your favorite today!


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