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Wedding Reception Seating Chart

Browse through our wedding reception seating chart templates and find the perfect design to incorporate into your big day! Taking the time to develop a seating arrangement plan will reduce your guest anxiety of trying to find a seat, if you have ever been to a wedding without a seating plan before (the couples who have been separated by people sitting in the middle, the 10 seater table now suddenly having 14 seats or the guest coming back to find their seat taken), then you should know why arranging one is a great idea. By having a seating chart at your wedding reception you can control which guests are placed with which. You can keep families together, mix and match your single friends with other single friends they haven’t met, seat children on a separate table so they can easily entertain themselves!

Seating charts are displayed at the entrance of the wedding reception and should list your guest’s names with their designated tables, the seating chart can be an extension of the wedding personality and wedding decor so be sure it ties in with the theme. A place card may also be used at the table to designate assigned seats. It’s best to start planning by getting the floor plan from your wedding venue, use sticky notes and spreadsheets to organize which guests should go where and always double check that you have not missed out anyone.