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In traditional Christian wedding ceremonies, the bride’s side of the guest lists sits to the left and the groom’s side sits on the right of the church whereas for Jewish services, it’s the opposite. For weddings who are following traditional guidelines, it’s best to map out a wedding ceremony seating chart arrangement to guide your guest to their assigned seats. The first four or five rows are normally reserved for immediate and extended family and the first row is normally reserved for both wedding parties to be seated after processing down the aisle if they are not standing at the altar with you. If you are having a wedding with more than 70 guests, it may be a good idea to have one usher per 50 guests to seat them properly. Ceremony ushers have traditionally been male relatives or one of the groomsmen, however it is up to you who to choose, just make sure they are relaible. You can also use a wedding ceremony seating chart to seat your guests individually, or simply mark out where relatives should be seated, which seats are reserved for who and of course mark out the bride and groom’s side of the aisle. 

Select any design and provide your spreadsheets to the Paperlust team and our designers will mock up a wedding ceremony seating chart template to incorporate the rest of your on the day stationery design. You can change a wedding welcome sign design to suit a wedding seat sign to let your guests know that there are not traditional seating arrangements and they may take their seats anywhere.