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Chalkboard Wedding Seating Chart

A fun and visually attractive seating chart can be a statement décor piece for your wedding reception. Instead of having your seating chart in a paper list or spreadsheet on a tablet, you can have it beautifully displayed with our chalkboard wedding seating chart. Chalkboard is versatile, and depending on the font and template you choose, it will match the rest of your wedding décor. 

Paperlust offers plenty of templates for your chalkboard wedding seating chart and two different sizes for a rectangular chart. Choose between A1 - 841mm X 594mm and A2 - 594mm X 420mm to fit your space needs. Customizing your chart is simple with the editing tool. You can change the wording, drag and drop some elements, and choose from different print types. If you wish to make bigger changes to an already existing design, you can add a special request and work alongside our design team to achieve the result you are dreaming of. 

And if you are wondering how soon you can have your customized chalkboard wedding seating chart, this depends on the print type you choose. Digital print and vinyl foil take 5 to 7 working days in the production area, plus shipping time. For acrylic signs, you can expect a 10 to 15 working days production time plus shipping.