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Wreath Wedding Invitations

Simplicity is sometimes the best option; weddings can be overwhelming with so many alternatives and themes, it gets hard to choose. But sticking to nature can be the solution to your problem; wreaths are beautiful creations that combine diverse foliage and even flowers. 

While they are usually green, wreaths can also incorporate colorful florals and even metallic elements. Your wedding decoration can feature greenery wreaths as centerpieces. If you want a romantic atmosphere, you can ask your florist to make them go all the way to the ground and even add some flowers and candles along with the tables. 

Your wedding invitation can have the same look; Paperlust has plenty of designs to fit simple or minimalistic couples and romantic ones too. Choose the design you prefer and add beautiful details with one of our printing types, like real foil for metallic print. 

If you do not find the right design or wish to make a major modification, you can request a custom order, and our design team will work with you to achieve it. There is also a possibility to add a custom backside to your invitation if you need to add further information. Paperlust offers free shipping worldwide on any order over $300.00 USD.