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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Wedding Brunch Invitations

When we hear wedding, we automatically imagine a formal dinner, but couples are changing the rules and hosting unique wedding receptions completely out of the box. Wedding brunch is a perfect example. Who does not love brunch? You can have an early ceremony and then enjoy a brunch with them. Brunch usually starts around 11:00 am. You can have a buffet-style or seated meal. It is an ideal occasion to serve fun cocktails like the traditional mimosas, bloody Marys, bellinis, and champagne to toast. Hosting a brunch wedding shortens a wedding timeline; 2:00 pm would be an ideal time to cut the cake and serve some coffee to say goodbye to your guests. 

Brunches are versatile; you can have a cocktail attire or casual attire dress code. Decoration can also vary according to your preference of formality but overall, since it is a daytime event with a shorter duration, there is no need to go above and beyond with décor. 

Reflect on the theme you chose in your wedding invitations. You can go for pastel tones, an elegant floral design with metallic details, or even a minimalistic aesthetic. Since you are hosting a daytime event, you want to keep your invitations in lighter tones. 

Wording must follow the formality of your wedding while keeping the same structure as traditional wedding invitations. Start with the name of the hosts or whoever is paying for the wedding. Follow with the couple's names, a request to attend, and finally all the details regarding the ceremony and reception. 


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