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Tree wedding invitations for beautiful nature-themed

Gathering inspiration for a wedding could easily overwhelm any couple. Still, suppose you are more into the quiet and relaxed side of wedding planning. In that case, we are certain you can take advantage of your surroundings and have a tree-inspired celebration. Yes, you heard that right, why not have a wedding with lots of greenery and a nature-filled wedding venue. 

Find the perfect spot for your wedding ceremony and reception, perhaps one with plenty of lush bushes and trees. A botanical garden might be perfect too, or even a regular wedding venue with a carefully landscaped green area could do the magic. When you settle on a date and location is time to do one of the most important things, which is to find your wedding invitations. 

Paperlust can help you find the most beautiful tree wedding invitations with amazing images of landscapes, leaves, greenery, and some florals. The symbolism of a tree can be the perfect way to start a new family because, like any tree, you both have roots and will soon take your own path to create new leaves and branches. When choosing a design, don't forget to ask for premium white envelopes for free. And if you wish to save even more, you can order three items and have a 15% discount. Shipping is free within Australia and worldwide when you order USD 300 or more.