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Travel Wedding Invitations

Dream of dashing off to a foreign land with your love (and a few loved ones) in tow? If you answered yes then you need travel wedding invitations! Passport, boarding pass or destination wedding invitations are the perfect way to announce the upcoming holiday to guests. Travel themed wedding invitations can feature world maps, famous landmarks, airplanes, mountains, tropical islands and more. 

Vintage travel wedding invitations are a way to blend two themes together. If you don’t want to go straight vintage wedding invitations, you could always choose vintage travel poster wedding invitations so you combine both ideas and then focus on vintage styling on the actual wedding day. Why stop at wedding invitations? Order travel themed wedding shower invitations, engagement party invitations, menus and thank you cards while you’re at it and be done with your stationery in one hit.

It’s fun if your travel wedding invitations can reflect your chosen location. Brainstorm creative ways to include specific elements into your wedding invitations with a travel theme - it’s just the first of many ways you’ll make your day personal to you as a couple.