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Traditional Wedding Invitations

If you're the traditional type, you don’t mind giving a nod to the past in your day-to-day style and there’s nothing like keeping it simple on the biggest day of your life. Traditional wedding invitations are one way to opt for easy invites - you don’t have to worry about trendy design or funny wording and the format is already decided for you. Keeping wedding invitations traditional is also a great way to pay homage to the past, to history or to honour certain family members (and customs). The traditional style may be given a hard time these days but take a look at our traditional wedding invitations samples before you write them off. Whether it’s traditional engraved wedding invitations or traditional Catholic wedding invitations to match your ceremony venue, these can be some of the most beautiful designs available.

It may seem impossible, but affordable traditional wedding invitations do exist. For cheap traditional wedding invitations we recommend sticking to digital printing and avoiding novelty paper types like vellum or color stock. Another way to keep costs down is to limit the cards in your collection to three or below. For example, you can eliminate the information card by simply referring guests to a wedding website containing all necessary details.

If you’re stumped for traditional wording for wedding invitations, never fear! We’ve got you covered. Traditional wedding invitations wording is usually formal and includes parents’ names first, as the hosts. You can choose to put the bride’s name first as custom prescribes or go in alphabetical order. Wedding invitations traditional with wording usually write the date out in full and leave the details (like RSVP, accommodation and registry information) to other supplementary cards placed in the envelope. However, wording for traditional wedding invitations doesn’t have to sound stilted. You can make subtle wording changes here and there to slip in a more modern word if the original doesn’t seem natural to you. It’s all up to you and there’s no reason why you can’t select a traditional design and change the wording to be completely quirky and modern!