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Rustic Chic Wedding Invitations

Rustic chic wedding invitations are by nature a meeting place of two styles. Separately, they seem opposite - and in many ways they are - but when put together, rustic and chic styles create wedding magic. All wedding invitations rustic in the chic style aim to create balance when combining key elements. Rustic is traditional, uses natural and recycled materials and often has a handmade or ‘rough and ready’ look about it. Chic, on the other hand, is a style with French origin that signifies all things fashionable, trendy and modern, to the point of being ahead of their time.

Chic rustic wedding invitations could incorporate print on wood as well as modern witty wording. Another example would be rustic country chic wedding invitations that combine raised silver foil with a lace motif.

When planning a rustic wedding, chic invitations can be just the thing to add a modern twist. Keep your day from looking dated with shabby chic rustic wedding invitations that focus on simplicity and modern fonts. Wedding invitation wording is also very important, so for rustic shabby chic wedding invitations try to keep it crisp and to the point, perhaps even using abbreviations like 24.01.2019 for the date.

If you’re looking to keep things affordable, check out some of our rustic chic wedding invitations with a DIY look. It’s far cheaper and less time consuming than an actual DIY project, and with Paperlust you don’t have to be nervous about the results.