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Get an elegant feel with royal blue and purple wedding invitations

Deep colors are beautiful for a winter wedding, especially royal blue and purple since they are related to royalty and elegance. And you can choose to have them all over your wedding décor or make them a wow factor by placing them in small details. And if you choose as your main color ivory, you can even adjust the theme to a summer or spring wedding. 

Royal blue and purple are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your wedding reception and ceremony. For your ceremony, depending on the season, you might find natural blooms in both colors, if they are not available for your wedding date, you can prefer silk flowers, and they will look just as beautiful. 

Your reception can have lots of color or hints of him. Metallic tones can help you if you choose small details on your plates or glassware. Place them through the table with purple tablecloths and royal blue napkins, add neutral tones to your floral centerpieces, and many candles to set a romantic mood. 

You can choose neutral colors for most of your table-setting items and your florals for a less saturated version. Royal blue and purple can be statement pieces such as a backdrop for photos or the honor table, and how about a hanging installation of flowers right in the center of the dancefloor? 

Once you figure out your wedding theme and how you want to play with the colors, you can start browsing through Paperlust's many available designs of royal blue and purple wedding invitations. When you find a winner, it is time to customize and add the details of your wedding, the editing tool is easy to use, and you can drag and drop elements. If you wish to change the color, font or add a customized backside, you can add a special request to your order.