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Red and Black Wedding Invitations

Red and black wedding invitations aren’t just for Essendon and Chicago Bulls supporters (or maybe you’re just a big Netflix fan?). Black and red wedding invitations have an amazing brooding quality that is perfect for not only a gothic or vampire themed wedding but also a vintage or old Hollywood glamour theme.

Perhaps you just like the colours (or they remind you of the tango) - you don’t need to defend your red and black wedding invitations to anyone. Just go for it! To add some glamour to your wedding invitations in red and black, consider letterpress or foil stamped wedding invitations incorporating these colours.

On a budget? We get it - you need stunning red and black wedding invitations done cheap. To keep your wedding invitations in black and red affordable, we recommend sticking to digital printing and limiting the number of cards in your set to absolute essentials. A wedding website for your red, black and white wedding invitations can be a great way to distribute important information like registry, accommodation and RSVP details. Browse our exclusive collection of red, white and black wedding invitations today to find the exact invite to match your wedding day.