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How to choose a unique wedding color palette.

We often see weddings as these all-white events with little variations of color. Still, the reality is that you choose the color palette that suits your dream wedding and your personality. And if you are someone who loves color, we know you will fall in love with our purple and teal wedding invitations. They come in many designs, with romantic or modern hints and even some metallic details to keep things interesting. 

Just imagine the florals you can add to a purple and teal wedding and the variety of table settings you can come up with when having such a fun and colorful palette. We recommend these tones for any year's season because you can make them winter-like with a couple of jewel tones and metallics. If you add hot pink, it will work for summer, and with a light pink or blush, you have it all set for spring. 

After settling for a date and location, it is time to find the right wedding invites from Paperlust. Our editing tool allows you to customize from home, seeing results in real-time. You can change the formality of the wording and add details of your celebration. For higher customization, you can always add a special request and change the colors or elements of an existing design. And don't forget about the envelopes. We offer free white premium envelopes with every order, but you can also choose a color to fit your needs and style.