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Create a memorable moment with pink and grey wedding invitations

Romance and sweetness are what a pink and gray color palette communicates. You can make it as feminine or neutral as you prefer by incorporating details like flowers, lines, geometric figures, or calligraphy. It is a color palette that can easily adapt to every season of the year, and you can choose how deep or light the tones are to bring more formality to the event. 

Browse through Paperlust and find the right design for your pink and gray wedding invitations. Once you choose one, it is time to customize the wording by adding your wedding day details such as the date, time, location, and you can even incorporate a map, change the font, color, and other elements with a special request. 

Paperlust not only saves you time, but you can also save 15% of your order when you add 3 items, and you can get free white premium envelopes. And if we fail to deliver a design you fell in love with, you can always ask for a custom order and work with our team to create a unique design.